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Economic Forecasts

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September 11, 2018Economic Forecast for 2018–2019 | TablesEconomic Forecast 2018–2019
April 11, 2018Strong Growth Continues – Finland Wasn’t a Hopeless Case, After AllEconomic Forecast 2018–2019
September 20, 2017Economic growth in Finland faster this year than in euro areaEconomic Forecast 2017–2018
April 4, 2017Economy will grow if policy mistakes can be avoidedEconomic Forecast 2017–2018
September 29, 2016Focus of growth shifting from domestic demand to foreign tradeEconomic Forecast 2016–2017
March 31, 2016Finland's GDP back on growth path – competitiveness agreement hoped to provide momentumEconomic Forecast 2016–2017
September 17, 2015New clouds over Finnish economy – domestic policy near a dead endEconomic Forecast 2015–2016
March 25, 2015Finland’s public deficit to fall below three per cent without further spending cutsEconomic Forecast 2015–2016
September 17, 2014Ukrainian crisis hits Finnish economic growthEconomic Forecast 2014–2015
March 20, 2014Finally an Upswing in EuropeEconomic Forecast 2014–2015

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