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Economic Forecasts

Date ⇕Heading ⇕Publication ⇕
March 25, 2015Finland’s public deficit to fall below three per cent without further spending cutsEconomic Forecast 2015–2016
September 17, 2014Ukrainian crisis hits Finnish economic growthEconomic Forecast 2014–2015
March 20, 2014Finally an Upswing in EuropeEconomic Forecast 2014–2015
September 17, 2013Exports will recover and recession ease as European investment picks upEconomic Forecast 2013–2014
March 18, 2013Finnish economic growth this year remaining at 0.6 per cent – next year already will be betterEconomic Forecast 2013–2014
September 4, 2012European debt crisis curbing growthEconomic Forecast 2012–2013
April 3, 2012Slowest phase of growth is overEconomic Forecast 2012–2013
August 30, 2011Finnish economy also on the verge of a slump – GDP growth slowing down considerablyEconomic Forecast 2011–2012
March 29, 2011Finnish economy recovering – public finances running clear surplus already next yearEconomic Forecast 2011–2012
September 8, 2010Sharp turn in Finland’s economic developmentEconomic Forecast 2010–2011

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