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Economic Forecasts

Date ⇕Heading ⇕Publication ⇕
April 8, 2010Production falling at a record paceEconomic Forecast 2010–2011
September 1, 2009Recession easing next yearEconomic Forecast 2009–2010
February 3, 2009Finnish Economy Headed for a Deep RecessionEconomic Forecast 2009–2010
August 26, 2008Finnish economy headed for a downswing but not a recessionEconomic Forecast 2008–2009
March 12, 2008Uncertainty spreading – also Finland’s economic growth is slowing downEconomic Forecast 2008–2009
September 11, 2007Economic growth still robust, but risks growEconomic Forecast 2007–2008
March 29, 2007Economic growth will slow down – but still remain fairly fastEconomic Forecast 2007–2008
August 29, 2006Finnish economic growth exceeding 5 per cent this yearEconomic Forecast 2006–2007
March 23, 2006Economic situation favourable – globalization dampened industrial growth potentialEconomic Forecast 2006–2007
August 25, 2005Economic growth strengthening toward end of yearEconomic Forecast 2005–2006

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