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Economic Forecasts

Date ⇕Heading ⇕Publication ⇕
March 22, 2005Economic growth sustained by upswing in exportsEconomic Forecast 2005–2006
August 24, 2004Industrial production recovered – economy on verge of new upturnEconomic Forecast 2004–2005
March 18, 2004Growth and employment sustained by consumptionEconomic Forecast 2004–2005
August 21, 2003Economy recovering sluggishly, employment weakening in near futureEconomic Forecast 2003–2004
March 26, 2003Only a short war will facilitate economic upturnEconomic Forecast 2003–2004
September 26, 2002International economic recovery threatenedEconomic Forecast 2002–2003
March 27, 2002Growth picking up again – risks coming from abroadEconomic Forecast 2002–2003
October 17, 2001Finland in recessionEconomic Forecast 2001–2002
March 29, 2001Slump in the USA dampens finnish growth next yearEconomic Forecast 2001–2002
October 17, 2000Growth still strong despite growing risksEconomic Forecast 2000–2001

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