Ilkka Kiema

Research Coordinator, Chief of forecasting

Ilkka Kiema

PhD (Theoretical philosophy), PhD (economics)

Tel. +358-9-2535 7304


Publications in the institute’s own series


  • 36 – KARI MATTI, KIEMA ILKKA, KUOPPAMÄKI PETRI and LEHTO EERO: Customer Loyalty Programmes and Consumers, 2017.
  • 32 – KARI MATTI, KIEMA ILKKA, KUOPPAMÄKI PETRI and LEHTO EERO: Kanta-asiakasjärjestelmät ja kuluttajat, Helsinki 2016.


Other publications

Articles in books and journals

  • KIEMA ILKKA and JOKIVUOLLE ESA: Does a leverage ratio requirement increase bank stability?, Journal of Banking & Finance, 39, 240–254, 2014.
  • JOKIVUOLLE ESA, KIEMA ILKKA and VESALA TIMO: Why do we need Countercyclical Capital Requirements?, Journal of Financial Services Research, 46, 55–76, 2014.
  • KIEMA ILKKA: Commercial piracy and intellectual property policy, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 68, 304–318, 2008.

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