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Workshop on Wages and the Labor Market 15.–16.12.2017

Paikka: Paasitorni, Karl Lindahl -sali, 1 ½ kerros, Paasivuorenkatu 5 A


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Friday 15th December

11:00 Welcome words by organizers
11:05–12:20 Linda Wittbrodt (Universität Potsdam) with Marco Caliendo, Alexandra Fedorets, Malte Preuss and Carsten Schröder: “The Short-Run Employment Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform”

Patrick Arni (University of Bristol and IZA): “What Drives Wage Effects of Unemployment Benefits? Evidence from Natural Experiments”

12:20–13:15  Lunch, Paasin Kellari, zero floor
13:15–14:15 Pedro Martins (keynote 1), Queen Mary University in London: “Collective Bargaining Research and Policy in the 21st Century: Back to the Future?”

Q&A for journalists

14:15–14:30  Break
14:45–16:30 Ernesto Villanueva (Banco de España) with Effrosyni Adamopoulou: The bite of collective contracts: evidence from the metal industry in Italy and Spain”

Annaliina Kotilainen (Aalto University): “Wage rigidity and the collective bargaining cycle in Finland”

Erling Barth (Institute for Social Research, Oslo, and ESOP) with Bernt Bratsberg, Kalle Moene and Oddbjørn Raaum: “Performance Pay and Wage Bargaining: Rent sharing and wage curves under different wage setting regimes”

16:30–16:45  Break
16:45–18:00 Espen Moen (Norwegian Business School) with Rasmus Lentz and Jonas Maibom: “Competitive or Random Search”

Oskari Vähämaa (University of Turku): “Unionizing Non-Search Unemployment”


Saturday 16th December

9:15–10:30 David Seim (Stockholm University) with Benjamin Schoefer and Emmanuel Saez: “Payroll Taxes, Firm Behavior, and Rent Sharing: Evidence from a Young Workers Tax Cut in Sweden”

Marco Nieddu (Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Barcelona GSE) with Camila Alva, Matteo Bobba, Gianmarco Leon and Christopher Neilson: “Teacher Wages, Student Achievement and the Recruitment of Talent in Rural Peru”

10:45–12:00 Harald Dale-Olsen (Institute for Social Research, Oslo): “Union Density, Productivity, and Wages”

Giulia Giupponi (Department of Economics and CEP, LSE) with Stephen Machin: “Changing the Structure of Minimum Wages: Employment Adjustment and Wage Spillovers”

12:00–13:00 Lunch, Paasin Kellari, zero floor
13:00–14:15 Erika Deserranno (Northwestern-Kellogg) with Decio Coviello and Nicola Persico: “Minimum Wage and Workers Productivity: Evidence from a large US retailer”

Arnaldur Stefansson (Uppsala University): “The Icelandic Tax Holiday – Intertemporal Substitution”

14:15–14:30 Break
14:30–15:45 Tuomas Pekkarinen (Aalto University and VATT) with Thomas Lemieux and Chris Riddel: “What happened to piece rates? Job complexity and the changing compensation contract: Evidence from Finland, 1980 to 2012”

Oskar Nordström Skans (Uppsala University) with Carlsson M and IH Skans “Wage Flexibility in a Unionized Economy with Stable Wage Dispersion”

15:45–16:00 Closing remarks by organizers





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