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Working Hours and Labour Market Flows

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There is a solid foundation upon which to argue that the labour market is the most important market of modern economies (see, for example, Elliott 1991). The reason for this arises from the well-known fact that, by a wide margin, most individuals derive their current income flow from selling their labour services. This applies to the Finnish labour markets, which have gained growing interest during the 1990s.
The prominent reason for the interest has been the empirical feature that the unemployment rate soared during the so-called great slump of the early 1990s.
Since then, according to a number of commentators on public affairs, unemployment has been the most important economic and social problem in Finland. In this respect, the situation is nowadays much the same across the whole of the European labour markets. As a consequence of this development of the 1990s, the issues associated with the Finnish labour markets constitute a topical research theme.

Julkaistu: 1.5.2003
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